Certainly. You must pay a 20 DKK extra fee if you want to take a bicycle or pram with you in the taxi. 

When booking, please indicate what you need to bring with you and we will send an appropriate vehicle. The driver will ensure that your bicycle/pram is properly secured during the journey.

Everyone who sits in the taxi must use a seat belt.

The driver is responsible for ensuring that passengers under the age of 15 are securely seated. Passengers over 15 are responsible for their own use of the seat belt.

In taxis, it is not a requirement for children under three years of age to be secured with special equipment, unless it can be found in the taxi. If the child is a full three years, then he/she must be secured with the regular seat belt and sit in the back of the taxi.

All passengers under 135 cm tall must sit in the back of the taxi during the journey. 

If you bring your own car seat or a booster seat, it will of course help the driver if you fix it in the car.

Yes, your four-legged friend and other small pets are welcome, as long as they do not mess up the taxi.

When you book, we always recommend that you inform us if you are bringing a dog with you so we can send a suitable car.

Guide dogs and service dogs may always be brought with you. However, if individual taxi drivers have an allergy, they may on that basis refuse to drive with fur animals. In such a circumstance, a driver can always assist you with getting another vehicle.

As soon as humanly possible.

On average, it takes less than 5 minutes for the taxi to be with you after you book.

When we are busy, there may be a waiting time for the taxi. The Customer Centre will always aim to inform you of any waiting time, but there will always be some unforeseeable factors involved.  

We do whatever we can to be precisely on time, but unavoidable delays can always be encountered. It is your responsibility to book the taxi in good time so you can reach your destination in a timely manner.

Let us know if you have to catch a train, bus or ferry. If you tell us your departure, we can recommend when the taxi should collect you so you can make it in good time.

Forgotten items of value, such as telephones, keys, watches, jewellery, bags, etc. are handed in to the police's lost property office, as soon as the taxi driver has the opportunity.

Whether you are travelling alone or in a group of up to eight people, we have a car for you. We can transport you and your bike, your suitcases, your trumpet and your toothbrush. 

Tell us how many people you are and what you need to bring with you in the car, and we will send a suitable vehicle. 

Regular vehicles
In a regular taxi, there is room for four passengers and four regular suitcases. In an estate car, there is room for the same number of passengers – but more luggage. 

People carriers - MPVs
We have large vehicles which can accommodate from five and up  to eight passengers and their luggage. If you let us know how many people you are and how much luggage you are carrying, we will make sure to send a vehicle that fits your needs. 

Disability vehicles
Disability vehicles are adapted to transport wheelchair users. Disability vehicles can hold a maximum of eight people, of which two can sit in wheelchairs. In addition, there is room for luggage.

We cannot give you a simple answer, because the price is calculated according to the number of kilometres driven and it also depends on which time of the day you travel. We have made some price examples here to help you calculate the fare.

Yes, but only if you need a taxi for more than three hours, if you need to drive more than 100 kilometres, or if the agreement applies to multiple journeys.

In order to get a fixed price, a written agreement will have to be entered into with Taxa. 
It is therefore a good idea to contact our Sales Department by telephone on +45 50 88 76 00 or email at salg@horsens-taxa.dk to learn more about fixed-price journeys.

Our cars take the most common means of payment. This means that in addition to cash and Dankort, you can also pay with Eurocard, Diners, American Express, Visa Electron, Visa and Mastercard.

Taxa’s administration offers its own credit cards and taxi subscriptions to corporate clients and public institutions.

Private citizens may purchase a Yellow Card, which is a payment card that can be credited with money for taxi journeys. This card is useful for the elderly and young people who occasionally need to use a taxi. Read more about the Yellow Card here.

The driver may, before the journey starts, ensure that the customer is able to pay for the journey. However, this is usually only carried out in connection with longer journeys.

We always aim to be where the customers are, but we are not allowed to stop and seek fares everywhere. This is why the municipality has designated taxi ranks, which enable us to move quickly when we are needed. 

When it is busy it can be difficult to book a car, so there are some designated areas in the city centre where taxis constantly drive through to pick up people in turn.

Here it is normally possible to get a taxi:

  • Horsens Central Station
  • Teatertorvet
  • Torvet

View a list of taxi ranks here.

We aim to be present wherever and whenever we are needed. However, there are times when we cannot keep up with the demand for taxis.

On New Year's Eve, for example, we have to refuse pre-bookings for journeys after 10 p.m.  

Our app automatically closes down bookings when there is a large number of people in the queue for a vehicle. We want to provide the best service, and via the app we cannot inform you about waiting times and so on. This can only be done via telephone, so we recommend that you call our Customer Centre on + 75 50 30 00 during very busy periods.

 Here are a few tips for what you can do if you would like to be driven home by us during busy periods:

  • Be patient
  • Call in good time when you need to use a car because you must be prepared to wait.
  • Please give your name and number, and keep an eye on your phone. We will call when we are on the way.
  • Stay in the place where you booked the vehicle to pick you up, and be ready for our arrival.
  • Cancel the vehicle if you find another option.
  • If you are in the city centre, go to one of our taxi ranks at the train station, Teatertorvet or Torvet. You can view them here.

We are fast at answering calls. The average waiting time in our phone system is 30 seconds. However, there are times of the day when we are really busy and the phone queue is longer. 

If you do not want to hang on the line, then book or pre-book via our app. This is fast and easy, and you can follow the car en route to you as soon as the journey is accepted by an available vehicle.

If you have an important package with medicine, spare parts, samples or other items that must be sent quickly, then we can help. Call our Customer Centre to hear how: + 45 75 50 30 00

No. According to the law, all journeys must be distributed evenly between the company's vehicles, so it is therefore not possible to request a specific car marque.

Yes. The driver has the right to ensure that you can pay for the journey before it starts.

The driver can do this, for example, by running your payment card through the terminal in order to ascertain that it has sufficient means.

Of course. If you want a taxi with a booster cushion, simply state this when you order the taxi.

We also have prams with a car seat, but we recommend that you bring the child's own if you have one.

There are many different sizes, adapted to the child's height and weight, and the taxi does not necessarily have a car seat that fits your child.

Please remember to state whether your car seat has isofix.


If you have booked the vehicle to arrive as soon as possible, the taxi meter may be started as soon as the driver arrives at the address - as long as he has been in touch with you by ringing at the door or by eye contact.

If you have booked the taxi to arrive at a certain time, the taxi meter may not be started before this time, unless you are ready ahead of time and wish to depart. 

If you are not ready at the agreed time, then the driver is entitled to be paid for the waiting time and may, therefore, begin the taxi meter.

You may experience a driver only starting the taxi meter the moment you sit in the car. In this case you are lucky and can be happy that you have a nice, patient driver - but you cannot expect the next one to do the same thing.

Of course you can. 

Please inform our customer service about your situation, when you order the taxi, so the driver is aware of your condition. Then we will get you to the labour ward quickly and safely. 

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